Heidi Helping the Homeless (HHH) approached Chickasha City Council on Monday about finding a safe place for the homeless to set up tents. 

Jan Tucker, who helps run HHH alongside founder, Heidi Harrison, said the organization wants to begin a conversation. 

“We know that its going to take time, but we we would like to meet with someone to find out if there’s a lot somewhere that we could have our people go so they are safe and they’re not running the street,” Tucker said. “They have no place to put up their tents where they can go and lay their head down and they can be safe.” 

Heidi Helping the Homeless, located at 428 S. 3rd St., provides resources for the homeless such as food, clothes, showers and computer access. 

“Our issue now is where do they go to lay their head at night. We all go home and lay our heads down in our own beds. They don’t have that option,” Tucker said. 

She said people are not enabled at HHH. There are rules. They help out at the store and treat the property with respect, Tucker said. Moreover, HHH can point people in the right direction to find help for themselves. At this time, one person will be going to rehab and another has been approved for disability. 

Tucker said HHH would like to find a place where the homeless can be monitored, with the same rules as at HHH. 

Harrison also spoke up at the meeting. 

“You’re going to have a beautiful park downtown, and I’m so excited that Chickasha is looking beautiful and you’re getting better,” Harrison said. “Do you know who lives right next where your big beautiful park is? The homeless,” Harrison said. “Help us help you. These are your people. These are people of Chickasha and they are asking for nothing more than what they deserve.”

The Express-Star reached out to Harrison after the meeting to ask about current options for the homeless. She said there are programs that are better for those needing long term assistance. Others may not be able to use those programs but still need help. 

“Tents are a very short term placement whilst we find funds for a more permanent stay,” Harrison said. 

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