The committee and subcommittee assignments for members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives were announced last week, with Grady County reps covering a variety of areas. 

Rep. Scooter Park will chair the Agriculture and Rural Development committee. Park is a sophomore representative whose district covers Rush Springs and part of southern Chickasha.

Rep. Scott Biggs will join park on this committee. 

Biggs will also chair the Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee while also serving on the Natural Resources and Regulatory Services subcommittee. He will also serve on the Appropriations and Budget committee along with Chair,  Tuttle state rep. Leslie Osborn. 

Finally, Rep. David Perryman will serve on the Banking, Financial Services and Pensions committee and Civil and Environmental Judicial subcommittee. 

“I am very thankful that each of these members is willing to serve where they are most needed,” said House Speaker Charles A. McCall, R-Atoka said. “There is a lot of work to do, and we have a short amount of time to do it. These members each have unique skill sets and experiences that will serve Oklahoma well on these committees, and that will help us accomplish more of the work the people sent us here to do.”

The House has reduced the number of committees by four for the 56th Legislature, which begins on Feb. 6, 2017.

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