Grady County Clerk Sharon Shoemake recently approved the publication of Grady County land data and images online.

“Publishing this information online will provide a much faster and more convenient means of performing research through land record books,” she said.

According to Shoemake, Grady County land record information may now be accessed by such criteria as Grantor, Grantee, book and page, instrument type and legal description. Records available in the online county index span from January, 1989 to the present, and images of the documents are accessible from May 3, 2003 to the present.

“The number of images published by Grady County now exceeds 230,000 from 2004 and is continually expanding,” said Shoemake. “These record-search capabilities make this service beneficial to a broad field of users and can be accessed at no charge.”

This approval places the Grady County Clerk’s office among the first to publish land record images online in Oklahoma.

According to Shoemake, the County Clerk’s Office now has three public computers dedicated to land record searches and they are in the process of obtaining four more.

Currently, documentation of land records generates 10 books per month, each containing 600 pages, and the County Clerk’s Office is running out of storage space for them.

“When we complete book number 4,000, we will switch to paperless and have the information online only,” Shoemake said. “We’re currently working on book number 3,996.”

To back up the online system, Shoemake said her office performs daily and weekly back-ups that transfer records off-site in case of a disaster.

“We have a triple back-up system and that’s good,” Shoemake said. “We also have a back-up tape. I’m comfortable with the back-up system.”

To access the new Grady County Clerk website, go to, and click on “New Account.” Fill out the information requested and send. KELLPRO will e-mail you your password.

For more information, please call 405-224-7388 or visit Grady County Clerk Sharon Shoemake at her office located in the Grady County Courthouse in the office of the Grady County Registrar of Deeds.

Shoemake and her staff are responsible for an accurate daily accounting of all activities of the County Clerk’s Office. Some of the public records available for your inspection in the County Clerk’s Office or on the Internet include mortgages, oil and gas and other mineral leases, as well as plats of developed areas.

The website is available for your convenience around the clock, seven days a week.

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