The Grady County District Attorney's office successfully prosecuted 34-year-old Terrance Moore in the first synthetic drug jury trial since synthetic drugs were made illegal in 2011.

Moore was arrested on Nov.1, 2011, which happens to coincide with the same day that the law making synthetic drugs illegal went into affect.

Moore was convicted by jury trial of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and sentenced to seven years in jail. He was arrested possessing k2, a synthetic marijuana

Assistant District Attorney Cortnie Cain tried the case.

"The jury did a very good job," she said. "It was a tough battle, but in the end we feel he (Moore) received the appropriate punishment."

Moore has been convicted twice before on felony drug charges in Sebastian County, Arkansas.

Although Moore's guilt, or innocence should not be affected by his record, Cain said his punishment should take previous offenses into account.

Moore was found not guilty on the count of extortion, which he was tried for in the same proceeding.

Cody Dale Summer, a 25-year-old accused of making a lewd proposal to a child under the age of 16  to have unlawful sexual relations, plead guilty this week as well.

Summer entered his plea and agreed to spend 85 percent of his prison term in jail before being eligible for parole.

He admitted to asking a 5-year-old to kiss his private area.

Assistant District Attorney Leah Edwards was the prosecuting counsel attached to this case. She said at the moment there is no plea agreement on the table.

"He (Summer) probably felt the evidence was strong enough against him to force the plea," she said. "I suspect the evidence from the state was overwhelming."

Edwards said the DA's office takes a very strong stance on child abuse.

"We plan to seek a stiff punishment and we believe the evidence in this case is strong enough to substantiate it," she said.

Sentencing will take place on Sept. 24.

Summer could face up to 20 years in jail and fine of $10,000.

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