A local woman became combative, allegedly assaulting police officers Monday night following her arrest.

Chickasha Police Officer Michael Harper-Head responded to a domestic disturbance call in at 6:21 p.m. in the 900 block of Georgia Avenue, which led to the incident.

“I arrived on the scene and parked a house away,” Harper-Head wrote in a report. “I walked up to the house and could hear a male and female verbally arguing.”

Harper-Head knocked on the door, which was answered by Georgia Geimausaddle. Harper-Head wrote he could smell a strong odor of alcohol on the female suspect.

Harper-Head scanned the premises and identified Geimausaddle’s boyfriend, Christopher Kopaddy, sitting on the floor. With Geimausaddle’s permission, Harper-Head entered the house.

Harper-Head began questioning Geimausaddle in regards to the domestic violence call. Harper-Head said Geimausaddle became combative and uncooperative during the questioning.

“Geimausaddle than began to bounce back and forth on her feet and clinched both of her fists,” Harper-Head wrote. “She started bobbing her head back and forth and faced me. She was in an obvious combative stance. I told her to stop.”

Harper-Head said he then called for assistance due to the deteriorating situation. Geimausaddle maintained her combative nature, according to the report.

“I told Geimausaddle to have a seat because she kept walking around,” Harper-Head wrote. “Geimausaddle then lunged forward and bowed her chest. I felt she was going to physically attack me and Officer Hunt.”

Geimausaddle was detained and that she became vulgar while walking outside.

“She stated she was going to kick my f*****g ass,” Harper-Head wrote. “Once at the car Geimausaddle spun around and intentionally struck me with her shoulder. “

Harper-Head said he then pinned the suspect against his car and yelled at her to stop. During transport to jail, Harper-Head said Geimausaddle continued to hurl vulgar insults toward her arresting office.

Geimausaddle was booked into jail for assault and battery upon a peace officer and resisting an executive officer. 

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