Council members and city officials will meet tonight at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall to discuss and vote on projects concerning Chickasha.

One of the topics council will be voting upon is the authorization to solicit design proposals for the remodel of the Army Reserve Center. The center, if approved, will  be renovated and transformed into the main Police Headquarters Building.

In previous council meetings and work sessions, staff agreed with the move and encouraged it. The project is budgeted under the Capital Improvements Fund Account. The project also has some remaining bond money to help with funds.

Also on the agenda, council will consider declaring an emergency project and authorizing staff to repair the electric motor for the distribution pump at the Water Treatment Plant.

"A squirrel shorted out the transformer at the Water Treatment Plant," Director of Public Works Larry E. Fuchs said. "This resulted in damage to the electric motor for the high side water distribution. We are still in operation but with this pump down we could run out of water if the other pump were to go down."

Wilson Electric Motor Service has quoted the job at $14,431.83.

One pricey project the city is looking to take on is the repainting of the interior walls at City Hall. According to Steve Chapman, Support Services Director, the last time the building was painted was in 1997.

"The main hallways and offices have become dingy and worn," Chapman said. "Because of the historic nature of the building we must use a flat finished paint; however, we have found a paint that is close to a flat finish but is sealed so we believe we may be able to keep the walls a little cleaner after his paint job."

This job will also include repair of minor cracks and blemishes . The bids for this job have a heavy price difference. Myelyn Contractors quoted the job at $17,975.00 Whereas, Bordwine Development quoted the job at $75,000.00.

Another project regarding City Hall decor includes the replacement of the carpet in the back entry hallway and the area in front of the City Clerk's office. With the relocation of the storefront door and the removal and installation of new carpet, the project is estimated to cost around $6,140.48.

The council will also consider approving the Rock Island Ride - Ride the Rock bicycle ride to be held Sep. 21, 2013.

City council meeting are open to the public. After the opening prayer and pledge of allegiance visitor presentations are encouraged.

City Hall is located at 117 N. 4th St.

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