EL RENO – The Chickasha High School Academic team defeated Western Heights and El Reno to claim its district championship here Oct. 25. 

The Chicks started the first quarter off strong against the Jets. Sophomore Zack Doughty led the Chicks in scoring with 20 points, followed by junior Corey Terrell and senior Nathan Gerdts contributing 10 points each.  At the end of the first quarter, the Chicks lead 40-10.

Nathan Gerdts and Akeem Noman answered five of 10 questions in the second quarter lightening round in the subject area of protagonists.  

Once again the Jets added 10 points in their second quarter effort. The Chicks were well on their way to a first round victory.  

Karen Jennings, El Reno academic coach, complimented the Fightn’ Chicks.

“Generally literature is not a strong subject area for boys,” she said.

The Chicks didn’t let up in the second half, scoring 40 points in the third. Gerdts scored 20 and Doughty and Noman had 10 points a piece.  

Cory Terrell dominated the fourth quarter lightening round with 40 points, and Noman added 10 of his own in the subject area of “football”.  

“Sporting events is one of our least studied subject areas, so I was a little bit surprised by how well they did,” Chickasha coach Greg Chilton said. “While I am pleased with the overall performance, our goal is to score 250 points a game regardless of the competition.”

Round two pitted the Fightn’ Chicks against the El Reno Indians. Chickasha picked up where it left off in the first round, outscoring the Indians 70-0.  

Doughty had 40 points, followed by Gerdts with 20 and Noman with 10.  

The first sign of a struggle came in the second quarter when the Chicks chose “medical terms” for their lightening round. 

“When the subject medical terms was one of the three options, I never thought that would be the one they would select,” Chilton said.

A team effort and quick decisions to answer four out of 10 questions on medical terms in 60 seconds added to the chicks lead.  

El Reno managed 20 points in the second quarter, bringing the half time score to Chicks 110, Indians 20.

El Reno edged Chickasha in scoring 50 to 30.  Doughty scored 20 points and Terrell contributed 10.  Since the Chicks chose medical terms in the second quarter, the Indians got to choose in the fourth quarter.  They selected “types of measurements”, and answered nine out of 10 questions for 90 points which lifted them ahead of the Chicks, 160-140.  

The subject for the Chicks was “countries that start with the letter - S”.  It appeared the Chicks would close the gap quickly by answering the first two questions to tie the game, only to stall out through the next five questions.  Then, with less than 10 seconds left on the clock, the team answered question No. 8 to win the game.  Fourth quarter scoring was Doughty, Terrell, and Noman putting 10 points each on the board.

 With the second round victory, the Chicks claimed the district championship for the second year in a row.  

“We will have to wait to see how all the other districts come out before we will be sure about getting the top seed in the Area tournament,” Chilton said.

 Chickasha will host the Area tournament on Jan 15.  The Chicks made an appearance, for the first time in several years, at last year’s state tournament.  This year’s team appears to be laying the foundation for a possible return to the state tournament.

Chickasha plans to attend a few invitational tournaments between now and the Area tournament.  Team members attending the district tournament were juniors Toby Amos, Paige Haile, Izaak Noman, Dao Thong Lim, and Mykayla Wolfe; sophomores Sulli Rejepov and Levi Trammell, and coach Greg Chilton.

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