The community of Cement is in mourning today after a freshman basketball player collapsed on the court last night and has since died.

Seth Martin, 15, reportedly collapsed in the third quarter of the Tuesday night game against Union City. It was immediately stopped as Martin was attended to, and the school's defibrillator was deployed. Attempts to resuscitate him were made until paramedics showed up and he was transported by helicopter to OU Medical Center. He was later pronounced dead.

Martin is the son of Lisa Kinder and Mark Martin, and his stepfather is Kurt Kinder. Lisa is a sixth grade teacher at Cement Public Schools. Grief counselors from many local schools have been sent to the high school to comfort students.

"Luckily, we have counselors that have gone through grief counseling," Cement Public Schools Superintendent Danny Pittman said. "Right now, our concentration is taking care of our student body. This will definitely affect not just the kids in his class, but the whole community."

Pittman said Martin was a very well-liked student, a few, if any, would be able to find anything bad to say about the young man.

"Seth was one of those kids I would say everybody knew," Pittman said. "Sometimes kids will have their groups of friends, but everyone knew Seth. I, like most people, can't think of anything bad about him. He was an exceptional student."

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