Cash Speaks

Chickasha Superintendent David Cash speaks at the ceremony. 

The Chickasha Public Schools Board approved a leave of absence for Superintendent David Cash Monday night effective immediately.

“Mr. Cash will be Superintendent Emeritus for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year with duties to include, but not limited to, financial oversight, reporting and recommendations, budget preparation; and policy review, analysis and recommendations,” a release from CPS states. “The leave will conclude June 30, 2018 Mr. Cash will return with full superintendent duties on July 1, 2018.”

Cash, who has served as superintendent for a little over three years, will be working with the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center, of which CPS is a member, to further expand personalized learning among more of Oklahoma’s public schools, according to the release.

“Our students are seeing incredible academic growth as a result of our personalized learning program,” said Cash. “I am committed to helping provide this opportunity for other districts across our state and nation, especially where resources are limited.”

Personalized learning is an innovative teaching method that helps each child reach his or her maximum potential, the release details.

“With the help of technology, a teacher can establish a student’s precise instructional level and identify which areas to focus on for academic growth. Instead of teaching one lesson to a classroom of students, regardless of their content knowledge, personalized learning helps a teacher reach students at their own level and is usually achieved in small groups,” the release details.

Cash said he is excited about the opportunity.

“Although it is hard to step back when such exciting things are happening at Chickasha Schools, I am eager to showcase the hard work of our teachers and students,” said Cash. “This is an amazing opportunity to help other districts begin this journey.”

During the past year, Chickasha Public Schools has hosted more than 30 school districts that were interested in adopting a personalized learning model, the release states. Eight of these schools have already implemented a form of personalized learning and many of the others, like Tulsa Public Schools, are hoping to implement by Fall 2018.

Though Cash will be on extended leave, he will continue supporting the district until he returns on July 1, 2018.

“I am leaving Chickasha Schools in experienced, capable hands,” said Cash, “ and I know the district will continue its tradition of excellence for all students in my absence. I am eager to see the continued student growth and am confident in the faculty and staff.”

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