Today is the deadline for persons working in Caddo County who lost work or earnings due to severe storms, tornadoes and flooding May 22-25 to apply for disaster unemployment assistance.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission reports to be eligible for DUA under Presidential Disaster Declaration 1989-DR, individuals must have:

• worked or been scheduled to work in the disaster area, but because of the disaster no longer have a job or a place to work in the area, or could not get to the place of work because of disaster damage;

• been prevented from working by an injury or illness as a direct result of the disaster; or

• become head of household and need employment because the head of the household died as a result of the disaster.

To claim DUA, unemployment of an affected individual must be a direct result of one of the following:

• physical damage or destruction of the place of employment;

• physical inaccessibility of the place of employment due to closure by the federal, state or local government in immediate response to the disaster; or

• lack of work or loss of revenues, if prior to the disaster the employer or self-employed business received at least a majority of its revenue or income from an entity in the major disaster area that was damaged or destroyed in the disaster or an entity in the major disaster area closed by the federal, state or local government.

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