Selling a gun online can be particularly dangerous, considering you may never truly know who the buyer is.

Do you know why the second amendment exists?

Back in the time of our country's beginning, some of the founding fathers actually feared a standing army. They saw it as a potential weapon against a free people, especially after they realized the Articles of Confederation were terrible and America actually needed some sort of central government to survive.

So, the second amendment was made to try and counter this. It enabled states to arm citizens so they could be organized into a "well regulated militia" in times of conflict. It also permitted states to allow the citizens to store the guns they would use in times of conflict inside their homes, thus enabling the speedy organization of such militias.

It was not written to enable the existence of a free, unhinged market place of firearms and ammo the American people could buy and trade as if they were baseball cards.

However, the latter is exactly what is happening today, and it is a danger to the public peace. I highly doubt the founding fathers could have ever predicted the eventual rise of the Internet or, worse, gun shows, but if they had I'm sure they would have added more to our second amendment to try and maintain what has become a free for all of firearms. 

It is evident on the Facebook website *Chickasha, Ok* Buy Sell or Trade and others like it, where guns can be sold on a daily basis to whomever. Let's be honest, you can be anyone on the Internet. And without the proper checks and balances to keep the practice of purchasing guns safe, we are one bad guy buying a gun away from a massacre of epic proportions right in our backyard. These websites can fast become the sheet covering a ghost market of firearms that when removed reveals nothing; not even a trace.

This is not the fault of the administrators of Buy Sell or Trade, who simply created a place for people to trade goods freely. This is the fault of the rabid gun culture in the United States, that claims firearms are just like any other product the trade of which should not be infringed by "big government," as well as the fault of a well-established conservative government bloc eager to please their National Rifle Association cash cows.

Guns are not simply products. For while one individual may be the owner of a gun, it is an instrument that affects the public. These can take a human life in a far more simple manner than a knife, or a car, or a gas stove. We must stop kidding ourselves and realize that the only way to keep guns out of the hands of bad people is by making strict laws on who can carry a gun and a system of stringent checks that must be completed in order to contain an object capable of such terrible atrocities. If that means they cannot be sold on the internet, where making such checks are more difficult, then so be it.

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