In today's world some might find it easier to have things emailed to them rather than sent to them in the mail. One bill, authored by Lonnie Paxton, will make that happen when it comes to insurance. Senate Bill 372 will change the default policy to emailing documents instead of mailing them.

"The default in the state of Oklahoma is if you go buy an insurance policy somewhere, the default is that we're going to mail you your policy documents. A lot of money is spent in doing that," Paxton said.

According to Paxton, this was a request from the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner and his staff.

Paxton did say that while the default policy will change with the bill, those wanting documents mailed to them can still choose that option.

"If you choose not to do that, you don't have to do it," he said. "Instead of opting into it, you're going to opt out of it."

Paxton believes this bill could save money because new documents have to be mailed out anytime something changes on someone's policy.

"It costs the insurance companies a lot of money which of course gets passed on to the consumer through higher insurance rates."

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