Chickasha Police Chief Eddie Adamson has resigned following an outcry over a video he shared on Facebook that was captioned with a racial slur.

Adamson submitted his resignation, effective immediately, to the city late Wednesday, City Manager Stewart Fairburn said. This follows a letter submitted by Chickasha Police Sgt. Jeremy Alexander to the city asking for Adamson to step down over the Facebook issue.

"It was with mixed emotions that I tender my resignation from the Chickasha Police Department," Adamson said in his letter of resignation. 

Alexander said he had no comment on Adamson's resignation.

Adamson admitted to inadvertently sharing a post on Facebook that originated with a musician who used a racial slur in his post in his letter. He as said as soon as he was made aware of the post, he deleted it. 

"I have posted an apology for the post," Adamson said in his letter. "I have been upfront about what happened and have met with the NAACP and made an apology as well. I have also apologized to the employes of the police department for any offense that occurred as a result of the errant posting."

Adamson referenced events in Ferguson, Mo. in his letter as adding to the tensions created by his post.

"I am aware that an unintended mistake at a time when emotions are high due to a national incident that is playing out can cause damage to reputation and effectiveness," he said in his letter. "It saddens me that this incident resulted in that occurring."

The item Adamson is accused of posting contained the caption "How a real n***a order Starbucks," and was accompanied by a video clip of the film 'Role Models' where actor Paul Rudd attempts to order a beverage. 

Adamson said he has been in law enforcement for over 24 years, and during that time has not tolerated any bias based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. 

"I stand solidly behind my record and the policies I have put in place to now allow it by public servants," he said in his letter. "Sadly the positive things that have been accomplished during my time in Chickasha will be overshadowed by this incident."

Alexander went to City Council with his letter on Monday. 

Fairburn said the search to find a new police chief will take some time. 

"I will have to check with some recruitment agencies," Fairburn said. "Since this is a top position it will take a lot of time." 

CPD Major Shanon McClain will serve as interim police chief. 

Adamson concluded his letter by thanking Fairburn for the opportunity to serve in Chickasha and wishing the people of Chickasha the very best. 

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