Chris Menefee, Animal Control Officer, holds two dogs available for adoption at the Chickasha Animal Shelter.

The Chickasha Animal Shelter, located at 204 Geneive St. in Chickasha, helps cats and dogs find their forever home. The Express-Star will be featuring one of these animals in every weekend issue.

People looking to adopt an animal from the shelter can stop by the Chickasha location Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., as well as Thursday by appointment. The shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday.

In addition to going to the physical location, the Chickasha Animal Shelter has a Petfinder.com page where pictures plus a description of a cat or dog can be found. It's as easy as typing in a zip code, Chris Menefee, Animal Control Officer, said.

Menefee said that pet owners should contact the shelter if their pet is missing. If a stray animal is seen wandering the area, the shelter should be called.

Animals that are surrendered outside of the Chickasha area will be charged a surrender fee. In the case of animals with city tags, the shelter can look up the number to find the owner, which highlights the importance of having city tags.

The shelter takes dogs and cats, but is not equipped to handle large livestock or small animals such as hamsters.

The animal adoption fee is $20, plus a $75 spay/neuter deposit, which is returned after the animal is spayed/neutered. There are plans in the future for a low-cost spay and neuter program. More details to come.

Menefee said that animal rescues will sometimes take animals that have not been adopted from the shelter. If someone is interested in a particular breed, there is often a rescue for it, Menefee said.

However, Menefee said it is important to adopt animals from shelters. Some of the animals come from unhappy backgrounds.

"They need a chance to actually have a life, a good life rather than what some of them have already been through," Menefee said.


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