Black Belts

Tim and Debbie Keef recently received promotions in martial arts.

Alex Police Chief Tim Keef and his wife Debbie just received belt promotions on Aug 8.

Tim was promoted to Master 5th Dan Black Belt, and Debbie was promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt. They were promoted by 10th Dan Grandmaster Tim Fox and 9th Dan Grandmaster Pat Fox.

Tim has been training in martial arts for 34 years and teaching for 32 years. Debbie has been training for 32 years and teaching for 28 years. They opened up the first karate school in Alex in 1990.

Both were state champions in 1989 and have trained other state champions. Both have trained with famous black belts like Chuck Norris, Danny Lane, Joe Lewis and Mike Stone.

They have trained numerous police officers and hold street defense classes for women. 

Tim started training Alex High School Students for gym in 2018 with Mike Bowman —5th Dan Black Belt — helping. Debbie started to helped teach the girls classes in 2019.

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