Kari Porter: 

Kari Porter is running for Grady County Clerk. She is the daughter of Jack and Jane Porter of Rush Springs where she grew up and currently resides.

Kari is a graduate of UCO with a Bachelor of Science Degree and is close to completion of her MBA.  When asked why she is running for County Clerk, Ms. Porter stated, “I would bring valuable business operations and customer service experience to this position.”  

Kari was an Area Manager for Dobson Cellular Systems and AT&T for 20 years. During this time, she managed many direct reports and hundreds of employees throughout multiple departments.

Kari said she wants to ensure people that her leadership skills and years of experience would be a perfect fit for this role. A majority of her experience focused on customer service, budget analysis, technology evolution, records/data management and financial processing.  Based on her knowledge and experience, she believes in building a strong team, running a department as efficiently and effectively as possible, and never losing sight of serving the customer to the best of her abilities. She is a hands-on leader that works side-by-side with her employees. 

“To the citizens of Grady County, you have my word, I will be present and work hard to serve you every day.  I’m asking for your support and vote on June 30th,” states Ms. Porter.

Former County Clerk - Sharon Shoemake states, “As a businesswoman, Kari is more than qualified to fill this position as Grady County Clerk.” 

Facebook: Elect Kari Porter 

Jill Locke: 

I began my career within the Grady County Clerk’s office in 2012 as a Finance Clerk before being promoted to First Deputy. In May of 2018 I was appointed to be your County Clerk. 

I have completed 240 hours of county government training, and I bring 8 years of experience to the office. I believe my training and experience, combined with the outstanding team of individuals who serve Grady County alongside me, gives me the edge for success.

In my tenure, I have updated systems and made improvements that are vital for Grady County’s future. I strive to provide a positive work environment and to advocate for statutes and procedures to always be followed. I take my oath seriously and will not compromise the promise I made, even if doing what is honest and right makes me unpopular. I assure you, I will continue to always put you, the taxpayer, first. 

I am a strong leader, and aim to empower my team to work together to complete tasks while focusing on taxpayer needs. I am detail oriented, extremely organized, and can effectively balance multiple tasks at any given time. Under my leadership, the County Clerk’s Office has increased transparency by modernizing technology, allowing for additional reporting. We are utilizing the most current Windows-based software, used by 65 of the 77 counties in Oklahoma. I am proud to share that we recently completed a project bringing WiFi into the Grady County Courthouse. My future goals for the office include updates to enhance efficiency and savings, such as introducing pay-by-card and making payroll process changes.

It would be my honor to continue serving you and the citizens of Grady County as your County Clerk, and appreciate your consideration as you vote on June 30. If you have any questions for me, please reach out to me via email at lockeiskey@gmail.com

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