It seems one Chickasha woman had enough after a man repeatedly violated his protection order. 

The woman was granted a final protective order against Larry Grammer in March. The protection order prohibits any contact unless specifically authorized by the court.

A few days later, Grammer called her to ask where her car title was, allegedly threatening to "come after her" if she did not provide the title. Grammer had possession of the car, according to the incident report. 

On April 2, Grammer made contact again. Grammar was allegedly parked in a parking lot across from the woman's home while he repeatedly called her on the phone. Grammer allegedly threatened to kill her if she did not give him the car title. 

Chickasha Police Officer, Lauren Matthews made contact with Grammer. Grammer denied calling the woman and said he was aware of the protection order against him. 

On April 26, a reporting party said Grammer was at the woman's residence again, in violation of the protective order, according to an incident report. 

"Dispatch then broadcast that [the woman] had a rifle and was standing on the porch, yelling for Larry to leave the house. As Police units were responding with lights and sirens, Larry backed out of the drive in a black [car] and drove away to the East at a high rate of speed," Lieutenant Scott Weaver said in a report. 

Weaver caught up with the black car and pulled Grammer over, the report said. 

Grammer said he had not been at the house, that he had been in the driveway next door and was trying to get his phone turned back on, the report said. 

The woman with the protective order said Grammer had come to her house demanding her debit card. She said she then grabbed a rifle, stepped onto the porch and told Grammer he was not supposed to be there and ordered him to leave. She said Grammer left when he heard sirens coming, the report said. Two witnesses confirmed her story, the report said. 

Grammer was placed under arrest and transported to the Grady County Jail. 

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