Shelby LaFontaine

A traffic stop in Grady County turned into a high speed chase when a passenger hopped in the front seat. 

Oklahoma Highway Patrol stopped a black Cadillac for following another vehicle too closely in the area of I-44 eastbound at mile marker 102 on Friday. Trooper Ian Rozier made contact with the driver Joshua Watts, front seat passenger Anthony Rowland and backseat passenger Shelby LaFontaine. 

According to court documents, Trooper Rozier detected an odor of marijuana coming from the car. He asked Watts and Rowland to exit the vehicle. Rowland was allegedly not complying with the Trooper's search of Rowland's pockets. As the Trooper began to handcuff Rowland, LaFontaine allegedly jumped from the back seat to the front seat and began to elude. 

Trooper Rozier left Watts and Rowland at the scene and chased after LaFontaine. Watts and Rowland were held at gunpoint by law enforcement and later taken into custody. It was discovered Watts is a convicted felon, the report said. 

During the chase, LaFontaine allegedly began throwing contraband that appeared to be crystal meth out the window, the report said. The pursuit continued to the Newcastle area at speeds of 100 mph and then reaching 150 mph as the pursuit exited Newcastle, according to the Trooper's report. 

The chase came to an end on Highway 9, near Western Ave. During a search of the vehicle, the trooper located methamphetamine and an allegedly stolen semi-automatic pistol. At the jail, more methamphetamine was allegedly found on LaFontaine's person, the report said. 

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