Verden Elementary 6th - 8th Grade Math Teacher Tracey Singleton

Verden Elementary 6th - 8th Grade Math Teacher Tracey Singleton, participated in the Alpha Plus 2019-20 Principal’s Academy held on January 15 in Oklahoma City. 

The Principal’s Academy is part of the Oklahoma-based company’s continuous professional development for partner schools that want to improve students’ academic results. At the January meeting, instructional leaders discussed individual student growth from the beginning of the year to mid-year benchmarks and targeted intervention strategies.  

“By training principals in the Alpha Plus model, we are building sustainability for continued academic success,” Jan Barrick, Alpha Plus CEO said. “Our partner schools work efficiently and effectively in the classroom, and that shows in the results. That’s why Alpha Plus schools have outperformed the state school report card averages every year.” 

“I love all the data we receive from Alpha Plus,” Tracey Singleton said. “ You realize what you need to do to improve in the classroom.” 

Alpha Plus curriculum is written by Oklahoma teachers, for Oklahoma teachers, to Oklahoma Academic Standards. 

Alpha Plus provides training, assessments and resources for schools statewide. Founded in 1990 by an Oklahoma teacher, Alpha Plus curriculum and teaching tools are aligned solely to Oklahoma Academic Standards. More information about Alpha Plus, visit

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