A combination of vaccine hesitancy and air conditioning could result in a resurgence of COVID-19 this summer, Grady Memorial Hospital CEO Kean Spellman said. 

“Humidity seems to be the enemy of this virus,” Spellman said. “Air conditioners take humidity out and it puts people indoors.” 

At the state level, about 33% of Oklahomans have not gotten the vaccine. Moreover, this includes 15% of older adults who tend to be more vulnerable to the virus, Spellman said. 

“Because we have a high level of vaccination hesitancy, there’s concerns that’s happening in other nations, as people are getting back together we’re seeing resurgences of this.” 

Spellman said he doesn’t expect the potential resurgence to reach the same levels as November 2020. Most people do survive COVID-19 without going to the hospital and those who are vaccinated are likely fine. However, there are co-morbidities that put even young populations at risk for complications.

He encourages those with questions about the COVID-19 vaccine to have a discussion with their doctor. 

“Most of the people who meet our doctors take the vaccine after they get their questions answered,” Spellman said. 

Free COVID-19 vaccines are widely available to the public. Resources for free vaccines include Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and the Grady County Health Department. 

Vaccines are also available through Five Oaks. However, Five Oaks will no longer hold a weekly vaccine clinic due to a lack of demand. 

The hospital plans to schedule vaccines in clusters of 10 so that vaccines do not go to waste. Each vial of Moderna contains 10 doses and each dose is only good for six hours. However, vials with fewer doses may be available soon, Spellman said.

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