USAO enacts partial campus closure, residential students asked to go home

The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) has announced a partial closure of its campus, due to growing concerns about COVID-19. 

USAO President, John Feaver said in a statement that there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at this time. However, the university is concerned about students returning from spring break travels and the spread of COVID-19 throughout the state. 

The USAO campus will be putting several restrictions in place going forward. 

Commuting students are advised not to visit the USAO campus for any reason and to communicate remotely. 

Residential students living in Sparks Hall or Robertson Hall are asked to go home immediately. Those who cannot go home are instructed to contact the Dean of Students, who will make alternate living arrangements. Those living in Lawson Hall Apartments may remain in their apartments or go home, the statement said. 

“For those who have no other options to shelter in place, expect mandatory campus-based restrictions on movement, gathering, living, work and study-related activities.”

On-campus dining services at USAO will be operating on a modified schedule with only to-go options. 

Access to the Nash Library, USAO Fieldhouse, food service, workout facilities and all pubic gathering places will also be severely restricted. 

Students wth further questions may contact USAO student services at 

Faculty began distance learning with students on Monday. 

A couple of weeks ago, USAO made the decision to move classes to online instruction after spring break. USAO has also cancelled their study abroad program to Italy, sports and all events through May 9, including the Spring Triad: the Montmartre Chalk Festival, Scholastic Meet and Droverstock Music Festival. 

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