Christian Chastain

A young man who was stabbed in Chickasha last week remains hospitalized with multiple injuries. 

Christian Chastain, 19, may undergo an amputation on his left leg at the kneecap. One of the stab wounds hit an artery in his groin area, which caused a major loss of blood. He received several blood transfusions including 14 units of whole blood and 14 units of plasma, his aunt, Jenifer Morris, said. 

Chickasha Police reported that Chastain was stabbed during an altercation at Centennial Park on Feb. 23. A suspect is currently in custody at the Grady County Jail. 

He was stabbed approximately six times and as a result has several staples and stitches across his body, Morris said. 

She was shaken after seeing pictures of him in the hospital. 

Chastain is talking a little and trying to stay strong, but his body struggles with the trauma. It is likely he will have multiple surgeries. The family is concerned about the future of Chastain’s physical and emotional wellbeing following the ordeal.

Morris said her nephew is grateful for his friend, Evan, who applied pressure to Chastain’s wounds to help slow the bleeding. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Chastain was alone in the hospital for several days before his adoptive mother, Pamela Anthony, was able to stay with him. She is unable to leave the hospital. 

Morris said Chastain is a smart young man who cares a lot about his friends and family. She said Chastain was trying to be a peacemaker in the situation that allegedly led to the stabbing on Feb. 23. 

Morris said the family is thankful for all the prayers coming Chastain’s way, even from those who don’t know him. 

Morris has set up a PayPal for donations to help with expenses during Chastain’s recovery. 

The “Nephew care and medical” fundraiser can be found at

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