Keeley Palmer

A Tuttle woman is facing charges after she allegedly shot at a man in her yard on Sunday afternoon.

According to court documents, an eyewitness saw a man leave a residence with a woman following him, yelled at him to leave and fired a gun in his direction. 

Authorities caught up with Harry Sweet III, who was traveling very slowly on his bicycle. Because Sweet would not answer questions, he was placed in investigate detention. Sweet told Phillip McCarthey, a Grady County Sheriff's Deputy that he had gone to Keeley Palmer's house to retrieve some property from her after a breakup. Sweet said Palmer refused to return his property, grabbed a gun and fired at him twice.

Sweet had a hole on the back of his shirt and an abrasion that appeared to be a graze wound. Sweet refused medical treatment, but he was later transported to a hospital via Tuttle EMS due to chest pains. 

Authorities had difficulty getting Palmer to answer the door at her home. A relative arrived on the scene to unlock a side door. Sheriff Jim Weir, Undersheriff Phil Blevins and three deputies entered. Palmer was asleep in a bedroom. She was immediately placed under investigative detention. 

Palmer told the authorities where the gun was located. The gun had two spent .410 casings and two unfired .410 shells. Deputies later discovered the fired wadding in the yard. 

Palmer was placed under arrest. During an interview, Palmer allegedly said Sweet came to her house uninvited and began beating on the front door. When Palmer told Sweet to leave, he went around the house and came in through the unlocked back door. 

Palmer said she began yelling at Sweet to leave when he grabbed her iPod and ran out the back door. Palmer said she grabbed her pistol and chased Sweet outside. Palmer said Sweet ran towards the south end of the back yard when she fired the first shot at him. As a result, Sweet dropped the iPod and ran out the gate and into the front yard. 

Palmer said she recovered the iPod and chased Sweet into the front yard. She said she was afraid that Sweet was going to go around the house and re-enter the residence through the back door again. Palmer said she ran to the backyard and fired at Sweet again, the affidavit said. 

Palmer said she ran inside the back door and locked it. She said Sweet returned to the front door and began beating on it before leaving the property, the report said. 

Palmer is facing charges of shooting with the intent to kill. She was transported to the Grady County Jail where she faces a $100,000 bond. 

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