Tuttle Public Schools received a big nod of approval from voters for a $39,485,000 bond.

More than 80% of voters agreed the district is in need of safety shelters and improvements to its athletics, performing arts and STEM departments. 

A total of 653 voted on Tuesday night, 118 voted against the proposition, 535 voted yes. 

The bond will enable the district to have safety shelters at the elementary and middle schools. In 2015, a bond was passed that enabled the construction of a storm shelter at Tuttle High School. 

Also on the list, the bond will help fund a new gym, band room and a science classroom. The district would also be able to add a new greenhouse building for plant science and horticulture, STEM and special education programs. 

However, the Rush Springs Public Schools proposition did not receive a 60% majority vote for its $17,500,000 bond for construction. However, the results were close with 51.87% yes votes and 48.13% no votes. 

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