Jim Cowan
I have mentioned in previous articles that I believe Chickasha to be a strong faith based community. We have a lot of Churches and most of them have full parking lots on the weekends. We have a lot of people here that believe in helping others and helping our community by volunteering. This past year I have witnessed students from our schools volunteering to help clean up projects, civic group volunteers helping organize and operate fundraising activities and multiple church groups volunteering to help the needy. 
This past weekend, dozens of volunteers spent countless hours at Shannon Spring Park stringing lights for the upcoming Festival. More volunteers will be out this coming weekend donating time to put the finishing touched on the Park before opening weekend.  Once the Festival of Light opens, volunteers will be out there every single night to continue the tradition started almost three decades ago. This monumental annual event is NOT possible without hundreds of volunteers.
Chickasha has several civic groups that volunteer throughout our City: Rotary Club, Optimist Club, Lyons Club, Kiwanis Club and the Mason just to name a few. Attendance has dwindled at some of these Clubs, but they are still making a difference in our community because of passionate leadership refusing to give up. Many of these club volunteers put service of others above their self needs and we are all better because of  that spirit!
One of President John F. Kennedy famous quotes was “Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country,” still resonates today. During a time of national conflict and division, he encouraged us all to do for others. The Holiday Season is fast approaching but you still have time to figure out how you can helps someone else, how you can volunteer to help your community. There is plenty of opportunity for all of us to try to make a difference and there is no better time to start than today. Volunteer and make a difference. When you put others needs above your own, well… that’s #TheGoodStuff!

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