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Now that we are past Halloween and the calendar says November, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming Holidays. I love everything about the holiday season, giving thanks as fall comes to a close, all the festivities of Christmas and saying good bye to one year while embracing the expectations of a new year to come! Holiday traditions are so important, but it’s also fun to enjoy a few surprises.

These next 8 weeks in Chickasha should be a lot of fun, embracing tradition while offering up a few surprises as well. In previous columns I have talked about the talents of local professionals Reagan Elkins, Shane Henry and Maggie McClure. Reagan has produced videos for local businesses, but has also shown his creative talent in movies, film and music videos. Shane and Maggie are the husband and wife duo, The Imaginaries, that have local ties but are being recognized nationally for their Americana sound. All three have been involved with the major motion picture, Reagan, that is being filmed here in Oklahoma right now. Pretty cool that a movie about a Hollywood star and eventual President is being filmed in Oklahoma, but I will go into that more in the future.

The EDC has hired the three of them to make a Hallmark like music video “Hometown Christmas”. With everything that has happened this year, the thought of a Christmas music video, shot almost entirely in Chickasha, singing the praises of a Hometown Christmas seems like a great way to showcase our town on a national stage. There will be more information about the release of this video in the coming weeks, but knowing the talent of the filmmaker and performers, I believe it will be something to make us all proud to call Chickasha our “hometown.” The Imaginaries will also perform a Christmas concert Downtown after the Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 5th.

Despite the recent surprise October ice storm and tree damage in Shannon Springs Park, Cassandra Ersland with the Chamber and Festival of Light tells me everything is still on schedule for another exciting season of one of America’s Top Ten holiday light displays. The FOL is scheduled to open November 21st and run through December 31st. Our mayor, Chris Mosley, recently briefed me on how the FOL got started by a group of community leaders that attended a Chamber banquet and heard a speaker from a town in Texas describe how they had a Holiday light display in their downtown. Because of that group of can-do civic minded leaders, Chickasha now welcomes over 250,000 people per year to the Festival of Light.

I remember growing up the thrill of waking up on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought. We can still have that element of surprise as adults and we give gifts to our friends and family. This Christmas season we will pay tribute to one of those original organizers of the FOL in a very special way. I promise more details about this special tribute very soon, it will make a great Christmas Story, but there has to be a little bit of a surprise because that’s #TheGoodStuff.

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