Jim Cowan

I graduated from Chickasha High School in 1981, so our 40th class reunion happens to be this coming weekend. Our previous reunions featured an event in Chickasha on Friday, but then we were in OKC for the Saturday night festivities. This year I am happy to report that both nights events will be here in Chickasha and should make for a fun filled weekend. 

Our graduating class was over 200 students back in 1981. Like all classes we have less than that now, but will still have really good turnouts both nights. Some of my classmates stayed right here and have always called Chickasha home, others went away but eventually moved back and others still live away and will be visiting this weekend for the first time in quite some time. We will have three different groups with three different perspectives on what Chickasha looks like.

At graduation our commencement address was done by three of my classmates: Steve Murry spoke on the Past, Kim Auld on the present and Wyatt Sledge on the Future. I wished that I had a video of what they said, after 40 years I unfortunately can’t remember. Three 18 year old graduating students in 1981 sharing their thoughts on the Past, Present and Future? I can only imagine…

I believe our community here in Chickasha is made up of different groups, much like my classmates. We all have different perspectives depending upon how long we have been here. Our perspectives are also influenced by how we see the community where we live. Are you caught up only in past glories or failures? Do live only in the present, without any understanding of what has happened in the past? Can you only focus on tomorrow without enjoying today?

I would like to encourage our community here in Chickasha and my classmates to appreciate all three. Embrace the past, learn from any of the mistakes while embracing wonderful memories. Cherish the present and enjoy the moment while knowing the future has so many exciting things to offer. Welcome home Class of 81, hope you enjoy all #TheGoodStuff Chickasha has to offer this weekend.

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