Jim Cowan

Next week we start the month of March. After the recent snow storm and record setting cold weather, I think we will all be glad to see the page change on the calendar. Before Covid, March was a time when many made travel plans for Spring Break. Each week more people get vaccinated for Covid, but there is still concern among some about traveling out of state or the country. Seems like the perfect time to get a Passport. A Local Passport!

The Chickasha Chamber of Commerce and the Chickasha Economic Development Council are once again teaming up to reward our community for shopping local. Similar to what was done last year with restaurant bingo and #ShopChickasha, this year’s edition is called the Chickasha Passport Program. It starts March 1st and runs for the entire month of March. You pick up your passport, fill up all the spaces as you shop locally, then you become eligible for a drawing to win $500 in gift cards from local merchants. Eight lucky winners will be drawn. Details about this fun promotion can be found at the Chamber website: ChickashaChamber.com/ShopChickasha.

 When you shop local, you support your neighbors. It’s that simple! From an Economic Development standpoint, shopping local helps create jobs, encourage entrepreneurs, and generates much needed sales tax revenue for the city to operate. Most towns talk about shopping local, but last year at this time, our community completely embraced it. Between Restaurant Bingo, #ShopChickasha and Tunes in June, there was an almost $100,000 local economic impact to Chickasha. From talking to many of the merchants, they believed that support made a difference at the beginning of the pandemic. Now as we hopefully have the worst of it behind us, it’s again time to support our local businesses.

 It just feels right to spend your money with our local businesses. I like seeing those purple yard signs around town that say “Spend where you Live”. We have many places here in Chickasha that have been in business for decades, some 100 years or more. They will be here for decades to come if you will continue to focus on shopping locally! Have some fun in March and maybe you can win $500 in local gift cards. We are a strong community here in Chickasha, last year’s results prove that. As we shop local we help our community and grow and that is #TheGoodStuff.

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