Jim Cowan

Last weekend lived up to all the hype with huge crowds attending multiple events all over Chickasha. So many people were in town for many different reasons and from the feedback I got, they loved what they saw! Volunteers showed their civic pride by helping clean up around out town and our visitors noticed. At this week’s City Council meeting, the Mayor offered well deserved praise for the City Staff that spent extra time on the necessary details to ensure a successful weekend. Josh Woods and Zac Grayson built The Oklahoma Food Truck Championship from the ground up and deserve a huge thank you from all of us for believing in our community. There are so many more to thank for their role in last weekend success, but I don’t have enough space in this column. A huge thank you to everyone that worked hard to make our town shine.

I had the opportunity to talk with quite a few people over the weekend and also on Monday morning. I heard a lot of excitement about what was but also enthusiasm for what can happen in the future. Ideas for new events, new businesses and even a few suggestions for current events. I have talked about momentum frequently in this column and will continue to do so in the future. When a Community believes in itself, new ideas start springing up everywhere. Momentum can be hard to define, but it’s easy to feel. 

Will there be something new for Neewollah this year? You might have to ask USAO what will be going on in their new Art Wrecker building Downtown. Will there be something new with the Festival of Light this year at the Depot Downtown? Will there be a new Christmas music video/movie about Chickasha released this Holiday season? Excitement fuels momentum and crowds draw a crowd.

What are your new ideas for Chickasha? What businesses or events would you like to see added to the calendar for 2022? We are moving forward right now, but it takes all of us contributing and believing to make sure our momentum grows even stronger. Have you read the 2006 self-help  book: “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne? What you think about…you get! That’s not just The Secret, that’s #TheGoodStuff.

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