Jim Cowan

So who is ready for March and Spring? Record low temperatures and record high snowfall should make us all ready for March. As a huge sports fan, I also look forward to the month of March because of basketball. High school playoffs and college March Madness can be full of excitement. I especially love it when an underdog grabs the momentum in a game and does things that no one expects.

I have also witnessed the incredible things that can happen when cities get momentum. Small things start to happen that seem to be unrelated, but when enough of them come together, people start to notice that good things are happening in their community. With everything we have gone through in the past year, it has made me appreciative of small wins.

We have had two Oilfield service companies open locations here in Chickasha since January 1st. As of Monday afternoon, the price of oil was over $60 a barrel. As we all know, things can change quickly in this industry but there are some small encouraging signs. Recently we had our first tourism committee meeting with representatives from restaurants, hotels and attractions. The hotels were full of optimism about all the different activities that were bringing them business in the next few months and see some small business from the oil and gas industry was one of them.

At this week’s City Council meeting, two new downtown grants were approved. One building that is under renovation will bring a bicycle store downtown. They will sell and repair bicycles and will help the downtown area become more welcoming to pedestrians and bicycle enthusiasts. The EDC has plans to add bicycle racks, crosswalk art as well as new murals. The other building grant is to remodel a building with a yet to be named new business. There is three other buildings that are scheduled for remodel around the 100 block of Chickasha avenue. We will see more visible progress in downtown this year!

For those of you on social media, please consider following Oh18 (like the zip code 73018). Their vision is to bring pride, value and excitement to living local by keeping you up to date on everything the Chickasha area has to offer. Our community needs more of that kind of information on social media. Because of the increasing numbers of people receiving the vaccine, we will see social gatherings return to our town.  I’m sure you will hear about exciting events coming to Chickasha over the next few months. Open Streets, an Air Show, the opening of Jungle Zone miniature golf, as well as several big concerts are all scheduled to happen here. 

Individually these things may not seem like a big deal, but collectively we are seeing positive momentum in Chickasha. I believe that the second half of this year we will see even more positive events and businesses coming to our town. Momentum is a powerful force and when it’s working to your favor, well that’s #TheGoodStuff.

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