Jim Cowan

Our population within the city limits of Chickasha is around 16,500, but is obviously much greater when you include the surrounding areas. From what I’ve been told, our population in the city limits has been about the same for the past 50 years. Many people that I have talked to view this as a negative, that we haven’t grown our population. I view it as both an opportunity and a strength.

First of all, we have been able to add to our population by basically the same amount as we have lost. Some cities can’t replace the number of people they lose and those cities are shrinking and dying. In order for Chickasha to be able to sustain our population, we must have a large group of citizens that also see the opportunity that we have and want to stay here as well as new people that want to move here or others that want to move back home. 

A big part of my job in Economic Development is recruiting new jobs and also keeping or growing current jobs for Chickasha. Typically the first thing a potential new business wants to know is the population demographics. I have read many comments by local people on social media on what new business they wished would come to our town, but often we can’t get a look from those businesses because of our population numbers. The Good News is YOU can do something about that. Help me tell the world about our great town by being counted! That’s right, the census. Many of you have already taken ten minutes to fill out the census, but many have not. If you have, thank you, but I still need your help. Ask your friends, your co-workers, your family members, everyone you know to fill out the census.

Barely 58%  of Oklahoma households have completed their census forms, putting millions of federal tax dollars at risk. The census only happens once every ten years, so whatever our count is in 2020, we will have it for 10 more years. Isn’t it time we get something good out of the year 2020? Every person counted in Oklahoma represents up to $1,675 per year, every year, for the next ten years in federal support. This impacts programs such as healthcare, parks, roads, education and more.

I am glad that when I filled out the census a couple of months ago, I was counted in Chickasha. I am proud to live here and I am passionate to help it grow, but I can’t do it without your help. Census offices are scheduled to complete their work by September 30th, that’s only a few weeks away. Fill out your forms now and then ask everyone you know if they have filled theirs out. As we grow our population here, maybe we can attract that business that you currently have to drive to Okc for, but more importantly, maybe we stand as a community and be counted, because that’s #TheGoodStuff.

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