Jim Cowan

I love Christmas movies, always have. When I was growing up in Chickasha, there was no cable tv, no DVR, no Netflix or any streaming service. So when a Christmas movie came on, it was a big deal to sit and watch it. Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf, Santa Clause is coming to town were some of my favorites as a kid.

This Christmas season, I have enjoyed various Hallmark movies as well as: “Christmas Vacation”, “White Christmas” and “Elf”. I haven’t watched “A Christmas Story” yet, but it will get squeezed in at some point. No way am I going to miss the movie that inspired our 40 foot inflatable Leg Lamp. I also got to see a music video that I am going to add to my annual Holiday must-see list. The short film/music video “Hometown Christmas” was filmed entirely here in Chickasha and will always carry a special meaning to me since this is my first Christmas back in my Hometown. 

My favorite Christmas movie that I watch every Christmas Eve is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I often wonder why this movie means so much to me. Maybe it’s because I got a chance to meet Jimmy Stewart back in the mid 80’s when I worked in Okc at The Waterford Hotel. In my brief encounter, he and his wife seemed just like the characters from the movie. Maybe it’s because of the setting of the movie. The first image seen is a sign welcoming audiences to “Bedford Falls.” Most viewers wouldn’t know anything about the specific town, but they can tell immediately that the setting is a small American town.

The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” glorifies the soul of small towns. It defines what it means to truly be a strong community that supports each other. In my short time back in Chickasha, I can think of several people here that have the qualities of a George Bailey. They regularly make personal sacrifices in order to help our town and those sacrifices often are unnoticed. I have met several people that remind me of the character of Mary Bailey as well. What a cool coincidence that there is a street named after long time Chickasha teacher Mary Bailey.

 I am so happy to be back in Chickasha for my “Hometown Christmas”. I believe that we have the same authentic small town charm as Bedford Falls. I know we have to deal with the Mr. Potters’ that are among us, but I choose to focus on all the things that make me feel daily that in Chickasha we really do have a Wonderful Life. As we choose to see the good around us it makes us a stronger community and that is #TheGoodstuff.

 Merry Christmas!


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