Jim Cowan

When my son was young, his favorite movie was The Lion King. My wife and I took him to the movies to see it and then bought the VHS tape for him to watch at home. I watched it so many times with him that I think I practically have it memorized. My favorite part of the movie is when Rafiki tells Simba to “remember who you are.”

I think communities also have to remember who we are. Too often, we focus only on what’s wrong around here and forget about some of the incredible assets Chickasha has. Last week, I attended a ground breaking for a local manufacturer that is adding to its workforce by bringing their out of state operations to their site here. It made me stop and think about the critical role manufacturing plays to our local economy. This company is a third generation family business that ships their products all over the world. They make parts for the Aerospace industry for F16 fighter jets and also parts that help space exploration.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how fortunate we are here in Chickasha that we have such a diverse set of manufacturers that provide jobs here as they do business all over the world. I started to think about another local company that got started back in 1922. During World War II, they helped support our troops by converting all their machines over to wartime production. Today they serve the Aerospace, Automotive, and other general industries by providing precision machined products. 

We are also home to a manufacturing plant that uses renewable resources to make pet foods and treats. They are a fourth generation family business that has only a couple of locations in the country, with Chickasha being one of them. They chose our town because of the convenient access to get their product to market.

The more you research our local manufacturing industries, the more you appreciate the global impact they have. Another company provides products to many Fortune 500 companies while serving various industries like aviation fueling, emission control, petrochemical, environmental dust control as well as many others. They are family owned and operated since 1986 and their sales area covers North America as well as parts of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. 

I did not use the names of these local companies, but most of you will know who I am referencing. We have so many more than what is mentioned here and we should be proud that our community has these assets. Yes we want to attract new business to Chickasha, but we should never lose site of the valuable ones that have been here for generations. As they grow, we grow. As the Director of Economic Development for Chickasha, I am very appreciative of our local companies and love when they are expanding. Families that make business decision to grow in Chickasha, well that’s #TheGoodStuff.

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