Jim Cowan
It’s that time of year when you start hearing people talk about “shop local” and “spend where you live” during the holidays. Every town of every size does it. Lots of slogans like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday and all the phrases are meant to influence your buying decisions. Seems like marketing gimmicks are everywhere and everyone has a sale. I still marvel at the big box stores putting their Christmas items out before Halloween. So much pressure to buy certain products at certain times from certain stores…
How about an authentic approach to your holiday shopping: Buy Chickasha! Of course I mean shop local and spend where you live, but it’s really even more than that. It’s the “why” you should shop with your neighbors that sometimes gets lost. We need each other, it’s that simple. Go around Chickasha and look at the businesses that have posters of high school kids playing sports in their windows. Look around the sports fields or the gyms at Chickasha Schools and what do you see? Neighbors helping neighbors. Community support. Think of all the different restaurants here locally that donate a portion of proceeds a certain night or that feed a sports team at a reduced amount.
This is the third year for the Chamber to do the Buy Chickasha promotion. It’s a great reminder and incentive to shop Chickasha and shop often. It’s also another attempt to reinforce a culture of community. I realize that there may be some things you want to purchase that aren’t available here locally, but most things are. I heard in a meeting this week that in Chickasha a handshake still means something. I like that! I think loyalty should also mean something.
This week the Chickasha EDC will launch a music video with The Imaginaries called “Christmas Town.” It will showcase our community as a place that embraces the Spirit of Christmas year around. The EDC will use this as a marketing tool and invite everyone to “Christmas Town” and we hope all those visitors will Buy Chickasha like our citizens. Handshakes and Loyalty are good traits to define us, that’s a Community I want to be a part of. So come on down to Christmas Town and Buy Chickasha because that’s #TheGoodStuff.

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