Jim Cowan

I attended the Department of Commerces seminar last week on Economic Development and our Lt. Governor, Matt Pinnell was one of our first presenters. Besides being our Lt. Governor, he carries the title of Secretary of Tourism and Branding.

Branding has become a trendy term among marketing professionals today. In the simplest of explanations, it just means what  you think about when you hear a company or town’s name? He spoke about the importance of telling your story and bragging a little bit on your strengths. “Believe it until you can see it!”

Lt. Governor Pinnell believes that before we can market the Brand of the state of Oklahoma to the rest of the world, we must first market it to the people that live in Oklahoma. They launched the hashtags #OkHereWeGo to promote staycations and have used #ImagineThat when they provide facts about the strength of Oklahoma as a state.

I believe the same thing has to happen here in Chickasha. If you are traveling around our state and tell people you are from Chickasha, what is the first thing they say? Back in the day, Chickasha was considered the Horse Trailer Capital of the World because there were so many quality trailers produced here. Now we are probably known for the Festival of Light. We have a lot of strengths in our small town and need to tell our story.

We can convey our Brand in many different ways: events, signage, public art, marketing materials,  and having a clean city. Taking action and confronting our challenges shows people we want to be a City that is improving. As we work together to build our brand, it sends a message that we are working on public perception. I believe that over the next year the people of Chickasha will see this improvement to our Brand. As we all believe in each other, the world around us will believe in us. I am very excited to see our culture change to a “CAN DO” spirit and all that momentum that is coming, well you can probably guess… it’s  #TheGoodStuff.

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