Jim Cowan

Last year I read the book “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon. A friend of mine had recommended it to me so I thought I would check it out. It is a powerful book full of strategies to help you fuel your life, work and team. Like most self-improvement books, it provides you with Rules to go by to achieve your goals. Rule 6 says “Post a sign on your bus that says No Energy Vampires allowed.  Rule 7 states that “Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them.” 

As we wind down 2020, I am very excited for what I believe will happen in 2021. I will share my New Year predictions in a couple of weeks, but the more I think about Chickasha in the new year, these rules from the book keep coming to mind. Even though 2020 has been full of challenges, we have some momentum in Chickasha right now. I love hearing positive comments from people about what’s happening in our town. 

Energy Vampires always have something negative to say. They want to tell you why something won’t work, rather than what could be done to make it happen. Whether it’s on social media, conversations at work or a social gathering, they can always find a way to be negative and take pride in saying NO! They don’t want to try anything new or different and are quick to be critical when a new idea is discussed. 

Enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious and are the best way to combat Energy Vampires. Rule 7 stresses the power of enthusiasm as a way to attract more passengers, and I think that is what we have started here in Chickasha. It’s exciting to see that positive energy slowly spreading through our town and because of it we will have more “passengers” or visitors in 2021. As we grow our belief in ourselves and what we CAN do as a strong community, the energy vampires voices aren’t as loud. 

So many positive stories right now. Just google any of these topics for Chickasha: Hometown Christmas, Leg Lamp or Festival of Light. You will see page after page of positive stories of our town. This town belongs to us, not the Energy Vampires and as you get on our bus to spread that enthusiasm, you will be spreading #TheGoodStuff.

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