With a ceremonial welcome, a new firetruck was initiated into the Chickasha Fire Department on Thursday. 

Chickasha firefighters, retirees and City of Chickasha staff washed the new red truck in front of Station 2. Then—with a little help from the engine’s horsepower—everyone pushed the truck into the bay.

This tradition is a nod to firefighter history. At one time, the steamer was pulled by horses, so at the end of the day, the crew would push it back into the bay. 

As a finishing touch, “The Enforcer” will be painted in gold leaf across the front. 

The old truck was badly damaged in a wreck on July 4. Due to the truck’s age, it was not feasible to make repairs, Chickasha Mayor Chris Mosley, said. 

“Our goal as council is to make sure all our citizens are protected, and that includes all of our employees and firefighters. We wanted to get the best equipment we can afford and the most modern technology.” 

New Chickasha City manager, Tyler Brooks, also attended to show his support. Brooks began his role on Oct. 13. 

Chickasha Fire Chief Tony Samaniego thanked the council, residents and city staff, including Finance Director Cindy Rogers. He also thanked the firefighter retirees, who have stayed involved with the Chickasha Fire Department. 

“Thank you guys for laying a foundation of what the Chickasha Fire Department is. We are what we are today because of you guys” … “We hope to carry that torch and make it even brighter in the future.”

Samaniego said retirees were glad to see the truck’s return to the traditional red color. Moreover, the new truck has several features including independent front suspension, a 1,250 gallon waterous pump, extrication equipment and advanced life support (ALS) equipment for first response. 

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