Grady County Sheriff Jim Weir

Grady County Sheriff Jim Weir declared Grady County as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary earlier this week.

Weir said in a statement: 

“As the Sheriff of Grady County and as a member of the Board for the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association, I want all citizens to know I support our 2nd Amendment rights. I will not enforce any Presidential Executive Order or unconstitutional law, state or federal, that may jeopardize those rights.”

Sheriffs in other Oklahoma counties, such as Logan, Haskell and Stephens, have all recently declared their their counties a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary.”

A “Second Amendment Response” statement said the rural nature of the state, as well as a lack of manpower, can result in delayed response times, leaving some residents to rely on guns to protect their property and families. 

The statement acknowledged there are cases that need to be addressed in protecting residents from gun violence including: improving mental health, media violence, drugs, gangs and reducing access of guns to prohibited persons. 

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