Safely dispose of unneeded medications

There are several reasons why it is important to safely dispose of prescription medications.  Below you will see the reasons and benefits.

  • Avoid flushing as a way of disposing to ensure these medications are not entering our water supply and help the environment by being environmentally friendly.
  • To avoid access and getting into the wrong hands.
  • To keep out of the hands of children and pets.
  • To help increase proper disposal and keep our communities safe.
  • Free and anonymous 

We encourage the residents of Grady County to dispose of any un-needed or expired prescription medications in the MedSafe Receptacle or at Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics drop boxes at any of the pharmacies or police departments listed below. The receptacles were purchased by Red Rock Behavioral Health Services, through the PFS grant that is funded by ODMHSAS, SAMHSA, and CSAP. These receptacles are available for community members to utilize year-round to keep their homes safe for family and friends. 

The receptacle is made of stainless steel, bolted to the floor, and locked. Community members can dispose of prescription medicine during the pharmacies’ hours of operation. These receptacles are in addition to the OBN boxes at law enforcement agencies that are open 24/7. Items not accepted in the receptacles are: aerosol spray cans, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, no illegal drugs, needles and syringes or sharp containers and medical devices, more than four ounces of liquid, trash and mercury thermometers, batteries and chemicals. 

Below is a list of pharmacies who have a MedSafe Receptacle:

1.Cedar Springs Pharmacy: 5310 E. Highway 37, Tuttle, OK 73089

2.Chickasha Clinic Pharmacy: 2224 W. Iowa, Chickasha, OK 73018

3.Grand Care Pharmacy: 2103 W. Iowa Chickasha, OK 73018

4.Liberty Drug Pharmacy: 315 W. Chickasha Ave., Chickasha, OK 73018

5.Tuttle Police Department:  4 SE 2ND St. Tuttle, OK 73089 

Below is a list of Police Departments who have an Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotic Medication Drop Box:

Chickasha Police Department

2001 W. Iowa Ave.

Chickasha, OK 73018


Grady County Sheriff’s Office

302 N. 3rd

Chickasha, OK 73018

Red Rock’s Strategic Prevention Framework Partnership for Success (SPF-PFS) mission is to promote the appropriate use of prescription drugs by educating the community on the dangers of the non-medical use of prescription drugs and encouraging safe use, safe storage and safe disposal of prescription drugs in Grady County.”

Red Rock Partnership for Success grant is funded through the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. For more information on the Red Rock Partnership for Success Grant please contact Jenna Cansler at 405-422-8874 or visit our website at Also, for more information regarding opioid prevention in the state, you can visit 

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