Click here to read the audit. 

There has been a lot of curiosity regarding the Chickasha Public Schools forensic audit since the board meeting on Tuesday night. 

Prior to the presentation of the audit—which some members protested—there was some discussion about putting a digital copy of the audit on the Chickasha Public School's website. 

However, legal counsel has advised the district not to post the audit at this time because it is uncertain whether or not the board is in a majority agreement to do so, according to Jack Herron, Chickasha Public Schools Superintendent.  

There is a possibility the board will vote on the issue at the next Chickasha Board of Education meeting, Herron said. 

Those who would like to view the forensic audit may fill out an open records request—which is available on the Chickasha Public Schools website or at the administration office.

There is no charge for digital copies, but a print copy will be 25 cents per page, Herron said. 

A previous audit which investigated Chickasha Public Schools, performed by the Oklahoma State Auditor's Office in response to a citizen petition, is on the school's website.

During the presentation of the forensic audit on Tuesday, Lea Wietholter of Workman Forensics said overall there were policies and procedures in place that had not been adhered to. 

The audit found possible inconsistencies concerning charge accounts at several home improvement businesses as well as purchase orders. Moreover, the audit found funds had been reported missing from the archery fund, errors concerning payroll and questions about the athletic funding. Some of these errors have since been corrected, Wietholter said. 

During the presentation of the audit on Tuesday night, Wietholter did not directly name the persons mentioned within the document. 

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