Sara Phillips

Los Angeles California musician Sara Phillips performing on the Mach 1 Mesa stage Friday evening.

A little rain didn’t stop the stars from shining at TwisterFest 2019.

The 5th Annual TwisterFest was held over the weekend at Curtis Hart’s Muscle Car Ranch giving musicians and bands a chance to shine in spite of a little rain storm that passed through on Saturday afternoon. Over 40 bands and musicians filled the Muscle Car Ranch grounds with their musical songs and sounds.

Headliners Nikki Lane, Jonathan Tyler, Ramsay Midwood, Johnny Dango, Sara Phillips, Leo Rondeau, Vincent Neil Emerson and Rance May gave superb performances.  A local Chickasha businessman and growing celebrity Aaron Warren and his band Dollar 98 were also a featured headliner and put on an excellent show for their large following.

The Dr Danger stunt show was a success. On Friday night Dr Danger’s  stuntwoman Stephanie Wallenda a.k.a. “Wallenda” managed to escape from a car that was doused with gasoline and then set on fire while she was in it. According to Gregory Carpenter a.k.a. “Dr. Danger” this was Wallenda’s first stunt performance and he was proud and thankful she performed it successfully and safely. On Saturday night after a long wait due to technical difficulties, Dr. Danger stuntman Vince Moor a.k.a. “Rockstar” got his car speed up to around 70 mph before hitting a single rail ramp causing his car to do a 360 degree flip over a group of cars and amazingly it landed on its wheels and came to a stop and Rockstar walked away unharmed.  According to Dr. Danger the car was just supposed to “crash, roll and tumble.” He said the fact that the car landed on it’s feet was “epic" and that it’s almost impossible to do that even if you try doing it on purpose.

   Music DJ James Smith a.k.a.  “Ed Crunk” had his audience dancing for hours. 

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