QuoteWizard touts Chickasha's drivers as best in the state

Chickasha drivers have learned to share the highway with semis and navigate potholes and springtime flooding that tend to be an issue in Oklahoma.  

This skill may have paid off. A recent study ranked Chickasha drivers as the best in the state.

This is according to QuoteWizard, of Lending Tree, who analyzed 2018 data of over 65,000 insurance quotes form Oklahoma drivers to find the rate of overall incidents including accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations. 

According to QuoteWizard, being far outside a big city may have helped Chickasha's rankings. 

Chickasha is apparently near one of the worst rated in Oklahoma. Newcastle was rated the worst drivers in the state by the same study. 

However, QuoteWizard also found a high rate of fatalities in Grady County, 25.16 per 100,000 people in the county. According to the study, this makes Grady County among the deadliest counties in the state for road accidents. The state's average for fatalities in 16.66, according to the study. 

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