Bush resigns from Chickasha Public Schools

Pete Bush, Assistant Superintendent of Transportation and Maintenance, tendered his resignation on Tuesday night. 

Woodward Glass, Bush's attorney, spoke on behalf of his client. 

"As a result of discussions this evening, Mr. Bush has made a decision that is in the best interest of himself and his family and for the Chickasha Public School system to tender his resignation. He wants you to understand that he is not tendering his resignation based upon any allegations of embezzlement. The members of the board of education, they also want you to understand and they acknowledge that Mr. Bush is not resigning due to any allegations of embezzlement. Once again, both the board of education and Mr. Bush, his family want you to be a part of a process that can bring some unification," Glass said. 

A Chickasha Board of Education special meeting was held at the Chickasha Middle School Auditorium on Jan. 23. A due hearing process for Pete Bush was listed on the agenda. However, instead, the Chickasha Board of Education, Glass and the school district's attorney, Richard O'Carroll, went into executive session for discussion. 

Glass spoke on behalf of Bush when the board returned to open session.

"Mr. Bush wants each of you to know that in no way does he want to be a sword that causes a division within the school district, nor a sword that causes a division within this community. By the same token, the members of the board of education want you to know that they too, do not want to be a sword that causes a division within the school district nor a division within this community," Glass said. 

Glass addressed the allegation of embezzlement that were made public in December. Bush, along with three other school faculty members, were suspended on allegations of embezzlement and/or failure to report abuse of a special needs student. Specifics of these allegations were not released. At the same time, Glass released a letter alleging the suspension was a retaliation move on behalf of the district because the faculty expressed concern regarding the Student Personalized Learning Campus. 

"Unfortunately often what happens in these processes, information gets disseminated to the public that at times is true, and at other times is not true. We all acknowledge on this stage that perhaps information was disseminated publicly that was true and there was clearly information that was disseminated that was untrue, specifically as it relates to Mr. Bush. Publicly, it was stated that he had embezzled money from this district. To be clear and to be honest, the members of the board of education had no further information than what you were told publicly about any alleged allegations of embezzlement," Glass said. 

There has also been discussion about division within the district and the community, Glass said. 

"I want to share with you with the approval of the school board and the administration that we are all deeply concerned. And the concern is one of which currently within this school district there is much strife. Currently within this school district there are many factions. Not only have these factions permeated through the school system, they've filtered out into the community." 

Chickasha Board of Education, Chris Ludwell, resigned on Jan. 16. The resignation was formally approved at the Jan. 23 meeting. Shawna Covington was appointed to fill the vacancy. 

More on this story as it develops. 

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