The Chickasha Art Center is heating up this summer with a Paint and Pottery Camp and a hot new kiln that reaches 2,000 degrees. 

Carrie Chavers, Chickasha Art Center Director said the recently furnished kiln will be used during the art camp. Pottery projects will be glazed and baked in the new kiln, which features digital controls and an ultra shiny chrome-like exterior. 

The campers have also created plaster paintings, using plastic forms in the shape of cat, human and fish faces.

The Chickasha Art Center will be celebrating its five year anniversary soon. Chavers said the center is celebrating the milestone with Paint on Pottery Workshops, similar to the ongoing Paint on Canvas Workshops. The Paint on Pottery Workshops could begin as soon as Fall 2019. 

Chaves said the House of Clay in Oklahoma City has been helpful in advising her on the purchase of the kiln. She's also been able to find a variety of bisques figurines that will be available for patrons to paint and bake in the kiln. 

Chavers, who currently teaches art at Chickasha High School, may be retiring within a year or two in order to dedicate more time to growing the Chickasha Art Center. Recently she has been able to commission more and more large paintings in Chickasha, such as at First National Bank. These commissioned paintings have been instrumental in funding the purchase of the kiln and providing more fun things to do at the Chickasha Art Center. 

Chavers said in the future, patrons may be able to come to the art center, pay a sitting fee, purchase a figurine and paint at their own pace. 

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