Lawrence Paul Anderson

Triple homicide suspect, Lawrence Paul Anderson, made his first appearance in Grady County Court on Tuesday afternoon. 

He attended the hearing remotely from the Grady County Jail. He sobbed during the hearing. 

Anderson was identified by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation as the suspect in the Feb. 9 murder of his uncle Leon Pye and Pye’s 4-year-old granddaughter, Kaeos Yates. Anderson also allegedly maimed his aunt, Delsie, during the attack.

A third victim was recently identified, Andrea Blankenship, who lived on the same street as the Pyes. According to OSBI, Blankenship was murdered first. 

Additional heinous details of the murder were reported in a search warrant. 

Following his arrest, Anderson told an OSBI agent that he went to Blankenship’s home, killed her and cut out her heart. He then took the heart back to the Pyes’ residence. 

“Anderson then cooked the heart at the Pye home and tried to make Delsie and Leon Pye eat the heart before he attacked them,” the report said. 

The search warrant said he tried to feed his family the heart in order to “release the demons.” 

Anderson was denied bail by the court based on details in the incident affidavit, search warrant,  and the potential capital offense. 

Anderson is facing the following charges: three counts of murder in the first degree, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and maiming. 

District Attorney, Jason Hicks, said the death penalty is on the table, pending consultation with the family. 

Hicks said Anderson has a long record of criminal activity, including drug distribution and possession charges, feloniously pointing a firearm, robbery, domestic abuse and assault and battery. 

Hicks held a press conference following the hearing where he discussed problems with criminal justice reform in Oklahoma.

Hicks confirmed during the press conference that Anderson was serving a 20 year sentence, which was reduced to nine years, but he ended up only serving three years. Anderson was also allowed to waive his parole, Hicks said. 

“I really think an offenders such as this should not have been able to even apply for a commutation,” Hicks said. 

The District Attorney said he has been in contact with Governor Kevin Stitt’s office to discuss issues with criminal justice reform. 

Anderson was released about three weeks before the recent allegations that he killed three people, Hicks said. 

“There’s a four-year old now that’s no longer with us. There are members of a family who are never going to see their relative again,” Hicks said. 

On Feb. 9, Chickasha Police responded to the 200 Block of Minnesota Ave. after a 911 call was made from the Pye residence but the caller hung up. When officers arrived on scene, they could hear someone inside calling for help.

When officers made entry, they discovered four injured people. Leon and Kaeos were pronounced dead at the scene. Delsie was severely injured. Chickasha Police reported Anderson was throwing up in the living room onto some pillows. 

Delsie was taken to the hospital for treatment. OSBI said she has since been treated and released from the hospital. 

Anderson was also injured and transported to the hospital for injuries. He was released from the hospital and transported to the Grady County Jail on Feb. 15. 


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