Oklahoma Department of Transportation releases traffic advisory for Labor Day weekend

Those who are traveling during the long weekend may want to note several construction projects going on in the state. 

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation released a list of narrowed roads, shifting lanes and ramp closures that motorists may encounter as they navigate Oklahoma roads during the holiday weekend. 

Some near the Grady County area or in the Oklahoma City metro include: 

I-35 intermittently narrowed to one lane near Purcell, McClain Co.

I-35 will be intermittently narrowed to one lane in each direction at Ladd Rd. (mm 101) between Goldsby and Purcell for bridge reconstruction. The Ladd Rd. bridge over I-35 is closed. Drivers must detour to SH-74 south (mm 104) or Johnson Rd. (mm 98).

I-35 narrowed to one lane near Paoli, Garvin Co.

I-35 is narrowed to one lane in each direction two miles north of SH-145 (mm 81) near Paoli for bridge rehabilitation.

Oklahoma City Metro

I-235 lanes narrowed, shifted near I-44

Motorists should be alert to lane shifts and narrowed lanes on I-235 between N. 50th St. and N. 63rd St. for interchange reconstruction and widening. Both directions of I-44 are narrowed between Lincoln Blvd. and Western Ave.. The speed limit is reduced on I-235 and on I-44 between N. Classen Blvd. and N. Kelley Ave. Motorists also should expect intermittent ramp closures throughout the project. More information: https://www.ok.gov/odot/I-235_I-44_interchange.html

I-35 lanes shifted near I-44

The following closures can be expected on north and southbound I-35 over Deep Fork Creek between the I-44 interchange (mm 133) and N.E. 50th St. (mm 132A) for bridge reconstruction:

Southbound I-35 lanes are shifted N.E 63rd St.

Northbound I-35 is narrowed to two lanes between N.E. 50th St. (mm 132A) and the I-44 interchange (mm 133)

I-40 lanes shifted between I-240 and Peebly Rd., Triple X Rd. bridge closed

Drivers should be alert to narrowed and shifted lanes on east and westbound I-40 between I-240 (mm 165) and Peebly Rd. (mm 169) for ongoing interchange reconstruction and widening. The Triple X Rd. bridge over I-40 is closed and drivers must use an alternate route. Note: This work zone is adjacent to an Oklahoma Turnpike Authority work zone on I-40 between Peebly Rd. (mm 169) and Harrah-Newalla Rd. (mm 172). For information on this project, contact the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority at 405-425-3600 or visit https://www.pikepass.com 

I-40 lanes narrowed, shifted, service road narrowed at SH-4/Mustang Rd.

Eastbound I-40 will be narrowed to two lanes between SH-4/Mustang Rd. (mm 138) and Morgan Rd. (mm 140) from 7 p.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday for barrier wall work. Additionally, east and westbound I-40 lanes are shifted between SH-4/Mustang Rd. (mm 138) and Morgan Rd. (mm 140) and the westbound I-40 collector road is narrowed to one lane between SH-4/Mustang Rd. (mm 138) and the John Kilpatrick Turnpike (mm 139) through winter 2019 for work by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. For more information, contact the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority at 405-425-3600 or visit https://www.pikepass.com 

I-35 lanes shift near S. 19th St. in Moore

I-35 lanes are shifted between S. 19th St. (mm 116) and Indian Hills Rd. (mm 114) for ongoing bridge construction. S.W. 34th St. closed to through traffic at Telephone Rd. and the east and west I-35 service roads are narrowed to one lane with temporary traffic signals at S.W. 34th St.

SH-74 lanes narrowed, shifted at N.W. 164th St.

SH-74 is narrowed to one lane in each direction between N.W. 164th St. and N.W. 206th St./Covell Rd. and the intersection of N.W. 192nd St. is closed on the west side of SH-74 as part of an ongoing widening project. 

SH-3/N.W. Expressway narrowed at US-81 near Okarche

SH-3/N.W. Expressway is narrowed to one lane in each direction at US-81 just south of Okarche for bridge rehabilitation

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