Gnome painting accompanied by mushroom

Chickasha residents walking down the alley may feel watched by tiny painted eyes. 

Nailed at the base of the telephone poles in the alley on the south side of Chickasha Ave., someone has placed tiny portraits of gnomes painted on small blocks of wood. 

At the time of this report, the term "gnome" is being used to describe these mysterious characters. The author is not familiar with the proper gnomenclature for beings in tall red hats, with rosy complexions and a tendency to be accompanied by mushrooms. 

Many of the gnomes are depicted with a raised hand, as if in greeting, although their true motivation remains unclear.

The gnomes were first observed in Chickasha on Thursday morning by an Express-Star employee. Further investigation online has revealed that others have noticed the phegnomenon. 

The Facebook page, OK Gnomes, depicts gnomes of a similar style that have been placed in cities across Oklahoma.

On Jan. 29, OK Gnomes made a post reading "I'm thinking a little town somewhere on highway 62 is in need of a little gnoming. Let's see how it goes." 

Under the About tab, the page's author appears to have benign intentions.

"I put gnomes on telephone poles. Originally in Oakland, CA, now, slowly, all over Oklahoma. Why? My way of trying to make the world just a little better."

Facebook messages to OK Gnome were not immediately returned.

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