OHCE makes warm donation to local law enforcement, ICAN

Undersheriff Phil Blevins and Lisa Hatchett accept Blue Bonnet OHCE's contribution of scarves, gloves and blankets on behalf of the Grady County Sheriff's Office. These items will be kept in their patrol vehicles to provide warmth and comfort to people in accidents or crime situations during the cold winter months. 

Crime victims or those involved in an accident may often find themselves out in the cold. 

Thanks to a donation from Oklahoma Home and Community Education, those who respond to these situations will be able to provide some comfort. 

OHCE Blue Bonnets have made a donation of blankets, gloves, scarves, socks and booties to the Grady County Sheriffs Office, the Chickasha Police Department and ICAN! 

Deputies and officers will keep these items in their patrol vehicles.

People who must flee their home during a fire, crime victims and their children leaving a domestic violence situation, motorists after their vehicle has broken down on the side of the road may all be helped by this contribution. 

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