If last month seemed like an extra chilly October, the Oklahoma Mesonet confirmed it was in the top 10. 

October 2019 was touted as the 8th coolest October in Oklahoma, since the Mesonet began recording this data. 

The statewide temperature average was 56.7 degrees, 4.2 degrees below normal, according to Gary McManus, State Climatologist for the Oklahoma Mesonet. 

Some areas of the state, particularly the northwest, experienced snowstorms in late October. The majority of the state experienced an especially chilling Halloween morning. Kenton, Oklahoma dropped to zero degrees, which McManus said is the lowest temperature ever recorded on that day. 

October 2019 also made the ranks as one of the wettest months—21st. place according to the Mesonet's records. The state average was 4.80 inches of rain, 1.26 inches higher than average. 

Rainfall was not quite as high in Grady County, according to the Oklahoma Mesonet rainfall data for the month. In Chickasha, rainfall was measured at 3.19 inches for October. Conditions were less wet for Minco, which had about 2.90 inches last month. In both Minco and Chickasha, rain was slightly lower than October 2019. 

According to McManus, the Climate Prediction Center has projected drought relief for the southwest portion of the state, though drought conditions are expected to remain in the panhandle. 

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