OBN: Overdoses linked to fake pills continue to climb

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) says overdoses linked to fake prescription pills continue to increase across Oklahoma.  In early May, OBN began an investigation involving two individuals who overdosed and died in central Oklahoma after buying counterfeit Oxycodone that tested positive for fentanyl.  Agency Spokesman Mark Woodward at least six more overdoses and four additional deaths can be attributed to these fake pills.

“Fentanyl is a powerful and cheap drug that can be 100 to 1000 times more potent than Morphine or heroin.  It is sold on the black market and used by drug organizations as a filler in heroin or pressed into pills that resemble legitimate U.S. pharmaceuticals.” ---Mark Woodward, OBN Spokesman 

Since May, Woodward says at least six additional overdoses have occurred in communities in southcentral, southern and southwestern Oklahoma involving the same type of pills. 

“Most of the pills were blue in color and stamped to look like 30 milligram Oxycodone.  Side-by-side, it would be hard for anyone to tell the difference.  We are concerned there are more of these pills circulating the streets and we could see additional overdose victims.”  ---Mark Woodward, OBN Spokesman

OBN is working with the DEA Tactical Diversion Squad to aggressively pursue and prosecute those responsible.  Since this investigation began, Woodward says three people have been arrested and several hundred fake Oxycodone pills have been seized.    OBN believes there are additional people involved in the distribution of these pills and are asking anyone with information to contact their agency at 1-800-522-8031.

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